About us


Micha Huber

Inventor and CEO

Micha Huber was trained both as a mechanical engineer and a professional musician. After his basic training in engineering, he was working five years in the field of developing finest Swiss watches. In parallel, he studied music for six years and acted as music teacher. With the invention of the Thales Tonearm and the foundation of HiFiction AG, his dream of combining music and mechanics, culture and precision, became reality.



Daniel Schmid – production tonearms and cables

Mike Alessi –  surface treatment and logistics

Ladina Gross – assembling EMT cartirdges
Flaviano Carrapa – production tonearms and turntables

Max Schiffner – mechanics and drafting

Jeannine Clavioz – assembling EMT cartridges

Ramona Huber – marketing and accounting

Emanuel Huber – mechanics

Marcel Widmer – production support